Trips & Adventures

Projects are fun, but actually traveling, sailing, and experiencing the sights is the whole reason we do this stuff! See below for some of the most recent trips and adventures we’ve been on.

Jarrell Cove

The original plan for our fifth day of our South Puget Sound trip was to head back to Eagle Island or Oro Bay, but we decided head to Jarrell Cove for a night and extend our trip. I was very excited to see Jarrell Cove again - one of my favorite places in all of Puget Sound. After the last few days of light wind, we were rewarded with 5-15 knots in the latter half of the day, allowing us to put in 5 or so hours of sailing. The weather continued to be perfect, with light clouds in the morning, and near 80 degree temps during the day with blue skies.

Olympia and Swantown Marina

The third and fourth days of our South Puget Sound trip were spent getting to and enjoying Olympia and Swantown Marina. We left our mooring at Eagle Island mid-morning, and headed along the north end of Anderson Island under motor, passing through tons of crab pots. The weather was beautiful - clear skies and an expected high of 75. Wind was very light, so we motored until the Devils Head area.

Tacoma and Eagle Island

Our South Sound trip was just getting started, with our first stop being in Tacoma at the Breakwater Marina, near Point Defiance. Day two would see us at Eagle Island, one of our favorite stops the whole trip. The first day was not perfect weather, but pretty close. Around 65 degrees with scattered showers running around, and a 15-20 knot wind.

South Puget Sound Trip

Today we begin a week long trip from Seattle headed into South Puget Sound. I've been planning for this trip for months, as it's the longest I've taken in a long time, and the longest we've ever taken on Grace. The trip will have us visiting Tacoma, Oro Bay, Eagle Island, Olympia, Joemma Beach, and Hope Island, plus a bunch of other stops along the way. There will be some great opportunities for posts along the way, as well as updates on some of the big projects that I have completed to help the trip be a success. We will be meeting Josh's mom and dad on their sailboat Noel at our first stop in Tacoma, and spending a lot of late evenings playing cards - a much deserved vacation for all!

Scouting trip to Lummi Island

One of our close friends has a cabin on Lummi Island, and for her birthday we decided to all go up and spend a few days there. I had never visited Lummi, so I was excited to see the island and learn more about it. Having spent a lot of my childhood and then later my 30s on Vashon Island, I knew that island life in Puget Sound was different than the "mainland", and Lummi didn't disappoint. While there, I was able to fly my quad copter around a bit, as well as explore future anchorage spots for a trip up north hopefully later this year.
Grace and the author after just arriving at Port Orchard Guest docks

Port Orchard weekend

With the amazing weather continuing in Seattle, we wanted to find somewhere we hadn't been in a while to spend Friday and Saturday night. A couple years ago on Jammy we stayed with Jo and Dick at Port Orchard Marina, so Josh, JJ and I decided to try it again. I had the opportunity to play around with some of the new AIS and auto routing features from Raymarine, released in Lighthouse R15 and R16. Everything worked well, and we had a fantastic time.


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