Tag: Raspberry Pi

Grace’s redundant Internet setup

I have spent most of my professional life working on and fixing networks, and always want my personal network to be as reliable, speedy, and full of features as possible. My boats are no exception

/ January 29, 2017

Solar simplification

My ongoing solar project at our family cabin in Eastern Washington took a simplification turn this last weekend. Much of what I’ve learned rewiring boats and working on DC systems has helped me fine-tune this installation.

/ September 12, 2016

Sending AIS data to multiple servers over a limited cellular link

Having an AIS receiver on the sailboat means I can take that data and share it with AIS websites, as a base station. Doing that from a bandwidth-limited cellular connection creates some challenges which can be overcome with some scripting.

/ March 24, 2016

SignalK and services moved to Raspberry Pi B

SignalK has become the primary way I gather data about my sailboat, and it was time to move it to a smaller, less power hungry platform.

/ December 15, 2015