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Completed navigation panel

A few weeks ago I posted about redesigning the nav and electrical panel, and after a lot of planning and discussion, I made my final choices, placed orders, and submitted my front panel to be made. A week later everything arrived,...

/ February 17, 2018

Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder – a black box for your boat

The Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder is a great device to add to your NMEA 2000 network as a "black box" recorder. Almost anything from the network can be recorded and analyzed afterwards for trip records, performance analysis, or more.

/ March 3, 2017

Grace’s integrated 5 part network

Large sailboat network including NMEA 2000, SeaTalk, MasterBus, WiFi and ethernet. I believe in deeply integrated and instrumented systems, and want to know everything about anything, anywhere.

/ June 1, 2016

NMEA 2000 bus data and SignalK

Examining NMEA 2000 data on my large sailboat network, and looking at SignalK along the way.

/ May 22, 2015

Maretron SMS100 Review

The Maretron SMS100 is a great way to remotely monitor your boat if you have Maretron devices already on the network. It works with other things as well, but you need at least one device to configure it, and it...

/ January 25, 2015

Better tank monitoring

Monitoring tanks on your sailboat should be done where the information can be shared on a network. The Maretron TLM allows you to do this ultrasonically, and install is very easy.

/ August 8, 2014

More on data collection from the boat

I continue to tweak my scripts and data collection on my NMEA 2000 server that I added to last year in Data collection from the sailboat.  They are not even close to being ready for prime time, but the data I’m...

/ March 18, 2013