Tag: Electrical

USB power solutions are simple to add to your boat

Crew members on the sailboat expect to use their USB devices no matter where. Adding USB power throughout the boat is easy to do, and useful for the captain too.

/ May 10, 2017

SmartThings keeps the boat warm during winter

I have an extensive automation system in place at home and the family cabin, and recently started realizing I had done next to nothing on Grace. I use SmartThings for most of the automation, and thought “why haven’t I done anything...

/ December 18, 2016

Charging away from the dock

Charging while away from the dock on the sailboat is a critical piece to enjoying your time on the water. In part 3 of my power upgrade project, I replace the alternator and regulator to ensure my new Firefly batteries...

/ October 21, 2016

The arteries and veins of your electrical system

The arteries and veins of your electrical system are the wires, and you need to ensure they are taken care of just as much as the batteries and other parts. In part 2 of my power system upgrade, I replace...

/ September 30, 2016

Power System Design

Grace came with a very basic power system which had some major problems. I chose to update it using MasterVolt as the primary charging, distribution and control system, Balmar for engine power management, and Firefly carbon foam batteries as the heart.

/ September 20, 2016

Solar simplification

My ongoing solar project at our family cabin in Eastern Washington took a simplification turn this last weekend. Much of what I’ve learned rewiring boats and working on DC systems has helped me fine-tune this installation.

/ September 12, 2016

Terminal fuse blocks saved my batteries

BlueSea terminal fuse blocks saved my Firefly batteries from damage after a short circuit.

/ August 21, 2016

BlueSea Terminal Fuse Block, a great innovation

This weekend I am replacing all three batteries on the boat as a result of damage from a crappy battery charger.  I’m taking the opportunity to replace all of the old battery wires, simplify things, and add some redundancy, which...

/ February 25, 2012

When power goes wrong

Yesterday I made a trip down to the sailboat to do a few things, and when I arrived, I noticed that I didn’t have any shore power.  Additionally, the main A/C breaker panel indicated a reverse polarity situation.  I immediately...

/ February 13, 2012