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Lighthouse 3.3 – radar and AIS plus more

Raymarine continue to come out with updates to Lighthouse v3 that include new features and bring forward items from v2. Version 3.3 was released a few weeks ago, and includes support for older eS and gS series MFDs, Navionics Plotter...

/ February 25, 2018

AMEC WideLink SOTDMA AIS Transponder

Seattle and Elliott Bay is a busy marine location, and I am always looking for a better AIS system so that others can see me clearly. AMEC has released the B600 AIS Class B transponder with more than double the...

/ December 13, 2017

Grace’s updated network for 2017

My sailboat network is quite extensive, and I made a lot of changes in 2017 including a radar arch, new instruments, updates to connectors and more.

/ June 13, 2017

Proper VHF ends are easier than you think

After years of using crimp-on VHF terminals, I found an easy and much higher quality way of creating quality radio connections. Master soldering skills not required!

/ May 25, 2017

B&G V50 VHF radio and H50 wireless handset

I needed to replace a non-DSC VHF radio on my sailboat, and needed a helm station too. B&G offers a state of the art VHF radio with wireless handset that worked out perfectly.

/ May 23, 2016

Port Orchard weekend

A quick weekend trip to Port Orchard Marina. Included lots of ferries, some big waves, and a helpful current on our way home.

/ May 10, 2016

Sending AIS data to multiple servers over a limited cellular link

Having an AIS receiver on the sailboat means I can take that data and share it with AIS websites, as a base station. Doing that from a bandwidth-limited cellular connection creates some challenges which can be overcome with some scripting.

/ March 24, 2016

ACR Nauticast Class B transponder

Update Early 2015:  I have since moved to a new boat, and have a Vesper XB-8000 AIS unit.  The ACR Nauticast unit failed in 2012, and was replaced with another Vesper model. The final piece of my navigation and safety...

/ January 10, 2009