SPOT Satellite Messenger Shared Page

I’ve had a SPOT Satellite Messenger for about 6 months and really like it.  I use it primarily when I sail to keep my friends updated on where I am, and if I’m safe.

I have always been a little annoyed that the only ways they could keep track of my course were to save the individual SMS’es or emails that were sent, or I had to give them my password to my private online account at the SPOT home page.

Recently, the folks at SPOT came out with the SPOT Shared Page to solve this problem.  It’s still a little rough around the edges, but it’s far better than the previous solutions.  The page contains a list of the last 24 hours worth of messenger check-ins on the left, and a Google Maps layout of the track on the right.  You can click on the track to see more details.

Seems to be pretty reliable – does seem to be browser picky right now – Firefox doesn’t seem to work sometimes, and Safari doesn’t work at all.  There are some annoying formatting issues as well as images that are missing in some areas.   Hopefully they’ll spruce some of this up as more folks find it – it is in beta as far as I understand it.


About Steve Mitchell

I live in Seattle, WA and love sailing, technology, & playing and composing music. I started playing the piano when I was 3, and ended up figuring out many other instruments along the way. I’m an avid sailor and have a 2000 Beneteau 311 named Grace, and sail it whenever and wherever I can.

  • Glad you like the SPOT shared page. I’m with SPOT. I’m wondering what problems you’ve had with Safari or Firefox. I use a MacBook Pro and the Shared Pages work flawlessly. Let me know your exact system (OS and OS version, browser version, do you have Javascript turned on,etc) and I’ll have our developers help you evaluate where the problem is.John Dark

  • Thanks !

  • Brian

    I am having similar issues with a new iPhone. The shared pages either will not load at all or when they do it is just the top left part of the page and you cannot see the track or OK messages. It would realy ne nice to have a SPOT application for the iPhone. I would pay for that app!

  • There are now 2 native apps to view Spot shared pages. One called shared page mobile available on the apple store. And the same Spot shared page mobile for blackberry available on blackberry app

  • steve

    Jonathan,Thanks! Cool stuff. I’ll have to try the iPhone one the next time I’m out and about with my Spot…

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