We run the following services, mostly to contribute to various communities or data gathering services to allow others to benefit.


I currently use a Vesper Marine XB-8000 unit on Grace to grab AIS data off the air. On board Grace, I have a Raspberry Pi 2 that runs aisdispatcher and sends only summarized data over a VPN connection to my home.

I do this because of the data limit I have on Grace’s Internet connection, currently provided by an AT&T LTE cellular connection.  At home, I have a Raspberry Pi 2 that receives the info from the on-board system, and then sends it out to the services below.

  • MarineTraffic – my favorite site for submitting AIS due to it’s great tools and data analysis of my signal/data.
  • aishub
  • Shipfinder
  • BoatBeacon – great site and associated Boat Watch app.  Also the makers of SeaNav, a fantastic navigation app for the Mac.


Grace has a Rasperry Pi B system connected to an ActiSense NMEA 2000 to USB gateway. It runs a number of services, but it’s primary purpose is to run the SignalK server and test instances of various UI’s.

Very shortly I will have this server up and running most of the time for demo purposes.


ADS-B is a fun technology similar to AIS but for the airplane world.  I have two ADS-B receivers installed and running — one at home in Seattle, WA, and one at the family cabin in Nile, WA.  It’s a very simple setup which I will be documenting soon.

  • FlightRadar – SeattleNile – my favorite site and app to watch planes flying overhead.
  • FlightAware – aggregated stats for both sites.
  • PlaneFinder – Seattle – Nile

More info about building your own can be found at

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