Please see my Services page for details on my AIS solutions.

I have a dedicated AIS reciever and antenna that are on 24×7 and connected to a dedicated machine that catalogs and logs the data to various places.  I submit my data to mulitple online locations that provide user interfaces into the data for folks to browse.

I also upload my data every 60 seconds to a dedicated webserver I own.

My setup is as follows:

    • Location – near the top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle, WA, USA with direct views of Elliott Bay and surrounding waters
    • Shakespeare AIS antenna (model number forthcoming) mounted outside on the 2nd floor of building
    • Serial connection to a Windows XP system running a low-noise, low heat CPU, and an SSD hard drive for long life and reliability
    • All above systems on UPS and behind firewall, with dual Internet connections, nightly backups to offsite storage

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