Moving is more fun than I thought…

I moved yesterday to a new, larger apartment, and I used an actual moving company this time around.  All of my moves before had been done by me, and friends helping.  It always seemed like the right thing to do at the time, and the stack of boxes and furniture really didn’t look that big anyhow.  But it always ended badly – something being broken, taking way longer than the day you had the truck rented, and every time being sore and completely worn out.

This time around I asked at work for folks recommendations, and ended up settling on Gentle Giant Moving Company.  They are based out of Boston, but have a local office here in Seattle.  Every aspect of the move was handled exactly as I would have wanted it – very quick, concise communication via email and phone for the estimate, 100% courteous and professional folks on the moving day, and everything was packed and moved perfectly.  I was especially surprised at how helpful the guys were that moved things, and how fast they were.  Done in 4 hours!

I would highly recommend them for anyone in the Seattle area wanting to move.  I found many, many scary companies out there that quoted me various open-ended amounts of time, and tried to push me to buy their own packing supplies (which I didn’t need) and other things.

Still getting used to the new place – still lots of boxes to unpack and things to re-find again.

About Steve Mitchell

I live in Seattle, WA and love sailing, technology, & playing and composing music. I started playing the piano when I was 3, and ended up figuring out many other instruments along the way. I’m an avid sailor and have a 2000 Beneteau 311 named Grace, and sail it whenever and wherever I can.

  • steve

    I packed everything I could into boxes. I left the TV, entertainment stand, piano, desk, dresser, bed, and other big stuff to them. They padded it all, and took perfect care of it.

  • William C Bonner

    Did you do all of your own packing for the move? Or did you have them pack up some or all of your stuff? (Like all the glassware in the kitchen?)

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