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About a month and a half ago, I bought a kit from Island Girl Products after having read some reviews online, as well as conversed with the owner via email.  Their products are advertised in some of the sailing magazines I read, and seem to be well thought out from a chemistry perspective.

Unfortunately, due to the U.S. Mail, I didn’t get the first shipment.  After a few delays (both on U.S. Mail’s side and Island Girl) I got my kit.

A few days ago I dissected it.  The only bad part about their products is that there are so many of them!  The kit I bought has at least 12 different unique products that can/should/may be combined to do something to some part of your boat.  Included with all of these products are some nice microfiber cloths, scrapers, and such.  AND, 5 CDROMs.

Since their products can be combined in so many ways, depending on how bad/good your gelcoat or other surfaces are, the CDROMS seem necessary.  Diagrams and “flow charts” can be found on some of them, while others are plain old DVDs with interestingly produced movies showing how to use the products.  I like the beach music used throughout!

So far I have not figured out exactly which products I need, and when.  I hope to be able to do that over the weekend so I can use some next week.  My topsides are pretty weathered, and I would like to restore them as much as possible.
More later!fpagelogo2.jfif

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