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I love bags and backpacks.  It had become quite an obsession in the last few years, and saw a lot of different options and manufacturers.  I could tell within the first few weeks of using a bag whether it was going to be my primary bag for a long time, or if there were things about it that just didn’t make any sense.

Then came along the Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag.  I am a fanatic user of Evernote, and saw this when it was first released on their site.  I was skeptical, as they’re not a big producer of bags.  However, after looking at the pictures on their site, I decided to order one, as it looked like it had a lot of the features I would enjoy.


The bag is very well made, with quality materials used throughout.  Very easy to use zippers that feel like they will last a long time, durable fabric outside and in, and a quality feel everywhere.  Usually there’s always a part of a bag that disappoints when it comes to the quality of what’s been used for materials, or a corner that is cut that you find after a few days use, but I haven’t found that here.


The best part of the entire bag is it’s ability to stand up regardless of what you put in it.  You can root around to find things in the bag, add and remove your laptop, and see everything in the pockets all without the bag moving a bit.  The laptop slot is perfectly sized for my Lenovo Carbon X1 or MacBook Air, and still has a bit of room for some papers.  Further inside is a deep area that you can segment with the included velcro dividers.  This is similar to many camera bags, and is a great way of giving folks flexibility for various setups.  You can lay down the velcro dividers in the bottom for storage so they’re not in the way.

There are two small pockets on either end inside the bag, and then one larger and one smaller flat pockets right against the laptop section.  These are great to store letters, checkbook and other random things.  On the flap that folds down once you’ve unzipped things are two pockets to store loose items.  One is mesh, and I use to store adapters and such, and the other is solid.

The storage inside this bag is deceivingly larger than what it looks like from the outside.  The triangle shape gives you a lot more space in the bottom of the bag, and the fact that it won’t tip over is amazing.  Wonderful design.


The front of the bag also has a mesh-like leather pocket, but I’ve not used it yet.  Evernote says you can use it for iPhone and other devices you need to get a hold of quickly.  It does have a lot of room in it, and would be a good place for quickly needed items.


The bag is made for Evernote by abrAsus, not someone I’m that familiar with, but in reading various other reviews online, and using the bag for a couple of weeks, they sure have figured out how to develop an elegant bag.

Overall, this is the best bag I have ever owned, and that’s saying a lot.  I have had easily 50 bags in the last 5 years (maybe more) and always get frustrated within the first week.  This one has shown none of that, and does even more than most bags could for storage, organization, looks, and functionality.  And the fact that it’s from Evernote is just icing on the cake.

You can see more photos here.

11 thoughts on “Evernote triangle bag

  1. Thanks for posting your review! Based on your positive experience, I’ve decided to place an order for one as well. I am glad for your photos — I expected the bag to be more of a black color than your photos show.

    • Sounds great, Stephen! Every day I use it I am still very happy and filled with joy. That is unheard of for me with any bag. This one is definitely a keeper, and worth every cent.

  2. Filled with joy is a pretty strong recommendation! Love it! Now the question: does this go on the Christmas list, or do I need it NOW? Haha.

    • Charlotte,Absolutely! I love it to death. Still use it each and every day, switching back and forth between a MacBook Pro 15″ and a Lenovo Carbon X1 in the laptop piece.

  3. I have had my eye on this bag for a couple of months now. I am also a devout Evernote user and the boss is getting me a new laptop over the summer. What is the largest size of laptop you would recommend? So how do you think this would work for a small woman to carry? 🙂

    • I carry a MacBook Pro 15″ (late 2013 model) which is quite wide and deep without issue. Sometimes you have to tuck it in a bit tighter to make sure things all zip shut. If you have a 15″ or smaller laptop you should have no problem. I don’t think there would be any problem for a small woman to carry it – there’s plenty of adjustments with the strap and such.

  4. Wow. Nice photos. Evernote should license them for use on their site. Really helps sell the bag. I want one so bad and keep hoping for a sale.

    • Thanks! The photos did turn out well. It is a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. It’s still my daily driver even after all of this time.

    • Hi Jeff,I do, actually. I have a Sony NEX 5N and a Panasonic of similar size that I carry in the bag all of the time. I use a partition inside the bag to keep the camera separate from everything else and it works great!

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