CapsuleKong for Nespresso

I finally had the opportunity to install something I purchased a while ago called CapsuleKong.  It’s a wonderful way to display Nespresso pods with a Donkey Kong twist.  I use a Nespresso Lattissima Plus espresso machine, which I absolutely love.

The CapsuleKong is made of anodized aluminum, and has details throughout that are amusing – besides Donkey Kong, the princess and flaming barrels all make an appearance.

It’s pretty well made, and the pods fit in it very well.  There are a few things that make it less than practical.  First, if you fill it up with the advertised 50 pods, the weight of the pods above cause the final pod to get jammed.  Secondly, for the same reason, pods don’t flow down around the corners as well as they should.

That aside, it’s a pretty fun way of storing pods,

More pictures here.

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