Another successful ride

This weekend I went out with a friend to ride from Gasworks to Marymoor.  It was the first time I’ve ridden any decent distance on the Burke-Gilman trail, and the first time ever on the trails on the eastside.  We ended up going 26+ miles, and it was a really nice ride.  The only bad part was that I was cold in the shade – should have worn longer sleeved clothing! 
I was impressed at where the trails went – close to the water, near a lot of fun things to look at, and how diverse the trails were as well.  I hope to ride more on all of the local trails and learn how they all interconnect – some of the turns we took once the Burke ended were quite confusing, and I have yet to go look them up.
The other thing I did this weekend after the ride is order some better cold weather gear!

About Steve Mitchell

I live in Seattle, WA and love sailing, technology, & playing and composing music. I started playing the piano when I was 3, and ended up figuring out many other instruments along the way. I'm an avid sailor and have a 2000 Beneteau 311 named Grace, and sail it whenever and wherever I can.

  • Keep it up! You are doing awesome!

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