USB power solutions are simple to add to your boat

USB devices are as prevalent on the boat as at home - guests bring devices that require it, I have a ton that need it, and not just your cell phone or tablet. There's an Amazon Echo which handles all of our music, a Garmin inReach to keep us safe, and a Raspberry Pi that does a ton of random computer things just to name a few. Finding power for all of these devices is easy if you're plugged in at the dock, if not a bit inefficient with wall warts and adapters. I decided to make this more elegant, and it was a simple project to do with three different and inexpensive products.



Blake Island – friends, animals, and hiking

Blake Island is one of my favorite places to visit via boat. An easy 1-2 hour sail from my home marina, I have visited many times after work during the summer months. It is home to a wonderful assortment of deer, birds and other animals, and has plenty of camping and day spaces available, as well as mooring balls around the island. There's a small marina that you can sometimes get into, which was our plan. With a decent weather forecast for Friday, I decided to get out of Seattle and over to Blake for at least one overnight stay. My friend Jake would be along for the ride - it would be his first time seeing Blake.


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