Grace's electronics as of June 2017

Grace’s updated network for 2017

I originally posted a fairly lengthy article outlining Grace's integrated network about a year ago, but it is a work in progress and constantly changing. There have been some updates that I wanted to cover which will help the network continue to grow and expand, as well as fixes for problems I found.



Seattle to Friday Harbor and back with Cattle Pass drama

The first long trip of the year for Grace was from Seattle to Friday Harbor - a trip that I had been preparing for 6 weeks prior in a whirlwind of activity. Projects included adding a Raymarine Quantum radar, radar pole, new instruments and sensors, fixing the VHF radio problems, and other items from a long list I developed last year. For the trip I had two sets of crew - two friends who went up with me over Memorial Day Weekend, and my husband and close friend returning with me a week or so later - both groups would be arriving or departing Friday Harbor via Kenmore Air, a great way we've found to have people participate in longer voyages without having to commit to a week or more and getting a fun view from the plane on the way there/back.


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